"Debbie Gordon has created a very current and important workshop that should be required viewing for all early and late adolescent students. The Wild Wild Web teaches them knowledge that is critical to their personal and emotional safety in these rapidly evolving technological times we live in. Any truly “safe school” needs to share this knowledge with students, staff and parents on an annual basis."

Helen Bryce
Principal, Earl Grey Senior Public School, Toronto


"The Ad-Hawks workshop was an excellent way to get my grade 5 students thinking about how advertising permeates almost every aspect of their lives. They learned that they have the power to control what they see, hear, think and most importantly buy in the consumer world. Schools definitely need this type of program!"

Maxine Brown
Grade 5, Springdale Public School, Brampton

"After teaching for 20 years, I have seen many presentations. This is one of a few that have held student interest from beginning to end. Thanks Debbie, we all thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from your presentation."

Gene Ouelette
Grade 8, St Raymond Catholic School, Mississauga

"Debbie Gordon is providing a wonderful service to society. She is a breath of fresh air in a world of media-manipulated kids. She inspires and challenges them to think and question in a fun, engaging way."

Rebecca Fleisig
Grade 3/4 Elizabeth Zeigler Public School, Kitchener

"I want to thank you for the great workshops (Ad-Hawks, The Wild, Wild Web, Feeding Frenzy) that you presented to our students and parents alike. I am getting a lot of positive feedback from parents and teachers at the school. As I'm sure you can imagine the knowledge that the teachers' gleaned from your time at the school will go to good use in the future years at the school, and I feel like we've given the parents more insight and power to deal with the media and their children."

Kenna Marshall
Glenneagles Public School, Vancouver

"Many of our students eat high sugar, high trans fat foods without realizing the lack of nutritional value and media messages influencing their decisions. This workshop (Feeding Frenzy) was totally relevant to the grade 7 and 8 students at our school. Students are old enough to evaluate their own food choices and you gave them the tools to do that in a fun, clear and totally engaging way. I definitely think schools need this type of program!"

Flora Fazio
Grade 7 & 8, Puce Public School, Puce

"Outstanding!!! The Ad-Hawks workshop was very, very useful for my grade 5 students! The children were quite surprised at much of the learning and were fully engaged all morning long. The materials were excellent and it’s very powerful to have someone from the industry deliver this message."

Diana Prentice-Campo
Grade 5, Bedford Park School, Toronto

"The Ad-Hawks workshop builds knowledge and confidence for both students and teachers. The learning experience was wonderful and we are all considerably more savvy now when it comes to understanding the marketing and advertising we see everyday. This workshop directly relates to the Ontario curriculum and I will definitely be contacting Mediacs again!"

Shafily Laul
Grade 6, Deer Park Jr and Sr Public School, Toronto

"Totally relevant topic due to the overwhelming influence the media has on kids today. Lots of engaging conversation, debate and observations. I think the presentation touched each student in some way and gave them a clearer understanding of the media driven word thay are a part of. My students really related to this workshop!!!"

Arn Stapleton
Grade 6, Gordon B. Attersley, Oshawa

"This session (Ad-Hawks) was extremely enlightening to both students and teachers. The students were engaged and interested from beginning to end. The workshop was extremely well organized and Debbie developed a great rapport with the students quickly and easily. The content covered was crucial to the well-being of my students. Schools should all have this program (I can’t believe they don’t) and it should be compulsory for parents too."

Robin Ezer
Grade 5 - 8, Dunblaine School, Toronto

"Three months later and my students are still talking about what they learned in your workshops! The session really opened their eyes and helped them appreciate that they are targets for many marketing and advertising messages. I think it is excellent for students to learn from someone who has worked in the media industry and your knowledge and experience made this a great day."

Alison Elkins
Grade 5, St John’s Ravenscourt School, Winnipeg

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